Artist: Lorna Carlson

Blind by Lorna Carlson

Blind by Lorna Carlson

Blind is my statement on the human race being blind to what we are doing to the environment. The buttons on her chest are: Return, three arrow keys, and the Home button. I have since removed the Help key from her mouth. I started out by doing commissioned sculptures and this was the first piece I did for myself. I am a graphic designer and know a lot of tech types, so it was fairly easy to acquire a small pile of obsolete PC’s and I had a blast ripping them apart. I am a proud tree hugger and the environment is a major concern of mine.

Lorna Carlson is a Graphic Designer living outside of Harrisburg, PA. An avid photographer, her favorite subjects are her daughter and the natural environment.

More of Lorna’s works can be found at the following links:
Photography; More Photography; Sculptures.
She can be reached at


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