Artist: Janet Morgan

Ubehebe Crater by Janet Morgan

Ubehebe Crater by Janet Morgan
(original dimensions 12″ x 22″)

Janet Morgan is a Brooklyn-based painter of sacred landscapes, supreme beings, and belly dance. Her work has been featured in the New York Times and in gallery events in the US and Kyrgyzstan, and she has been an artist-in-residence at various places including Death Valley National Park. Janet received her Master of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.

The watercolor featured here is part of Janet’s ‘Death Valley 2006’ collection. For more of her work, as well as contact and biographical information, you can visit Janet’s website. Her email address is


~ by wholeterrain on December 11, 2007.

17 Responses to “Artist: Janet Morgan”

  1. I love Janet’s work. Thank you for showing it on your site! So amazing!

  2. Janet’s work is in touch. Just beautiful.

  3. Privileged to have known you and proud of you.

  4. Janet~

    Oh, I love this one. Congratulations!
    Hugs, Shirley

  5. I always love the aliveness of Janet’s work…there is an energetic delivery in everything she does that is quite amazing!

  6. You still feel the result of the impact of the asteroid.

  7. Janet, this landscape is beautifully electrifying in color as well as in composition, capturing this arrid and complex setting’s pulse.

  8. Thank you adopted big sister for bringing your light to the color of the world

  9. Simply extraordinary, as if she were painting from another
    planet, or of another planet. Jane Morgan is simply out
    of this planet’s limits.

  10. Janet This Is A Must Have, I would Love To hang This In My Home. I simply Love Your choice Of Color’s For This . Once Again You Are The God’s Gift To Our planet.Congrads “WOW”

  11. As Janet’s father, I can without bias, say it is good stuff!

  12. Janet, your spirit flows with evidence with each brush stoke. I am so very proud to know you, call you friend and mentor. Continue to grace this planet with your love through your art!!!!!

  13. I was with Janet when she painted this feature. She captured the drama of the shattering volcanic explosion which rent the earth in this northern part of Death Valley. It is a startling sight/site because there is no cone, just a seven hundred foot deep hole in the earth, with spectacular layers of colored rocks.

    Ubehebe Crater is the north end of the tourist circuit. It is the end of the paved road. Beyond this point, a sign on the road to Tea Kettle Junction and Racetrack Playa warns of a rough track and recommends bringing two spare tires! The desert is all around in Death Valley but the paved roads and park infrastructure give the illusion of security, despite the reality of the place. Have your car fail on a summer day and try to walk out for help before sundown… well you aren’t likely to make it!

    We were witness to the mechanisms of evolutionary selections at the crater: Whole families, parents and children would eagerly descend the soft dirt trail down 700 feet into the crater without a thought in their heads. Most times they had no hats, carried no water and had not a thought of what they were getting into. We watched the drama from the rim. They were usuaully pretty miserable on the return trips. I thought how far we’ve come from being aware and in harmony with our environment. This kind of behavior would have rapidly gotten these individuals out of the gene pool in the past. Is it likely to do so in the future? Maybe so for whole populations…

    Janet’s painting triggers this long series of memories and associations, as well as powerfully evoking the place itself!


  14. Goddess in motion! Hot, luscious and all emcompassing. Safe from this perspective and yet as Greg says above, the Earth Goddess in Death Valley offers no quarter. I have been enjoying the “view” from both Janet and Greg for awhile. Keep it up!
    Ssssss from your friendly neighborhood Snake Priestess.

  15. The essence Janet’s work is an awesome display of a beautiful perception and endless inspiration…much acknowledgment and appreciation.

  16. Janet is a very talented artist.I love her work.

  17. The colors are extraordinary here, especially the contrast between the explosive crater and the peaceful blue sky.

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